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MYTH &TRUTH About Condoms

Weirdly, there has been an augmented attentiveness about condoms in the current era; in spite of this, numerous myths have risen too. So we are going to throw light on these myths and find out whether they are true or false?

  • Myth 1. Condoms definitely smash.
  • Truth: Well! It all depends on how they are coped with; just like everything else, if they are handled properly they don’t smash. Once the consumer ensures that there is no air fizz at the end of the condom and is careful enough not to expose it to any prickly item /ornaments /teeth etc, there is no chance of their breakage.
  • Myth 2. Usage of a condom will cause your mate to underestimate you.
  • Truth: Opposing to the presented conviction, usage of a condom will cause your mate to consider you as a dependable but hot, seductive person who has faith in family planning, taking up to date judgments and participates in trustworthy methods and hence is taking safety measures to put off any unasked for pregnancy.
  • Myth 3. You cannot purchase a condom unless you are eighteen years of age.
  • Truth: There is no age limit to purchase a condom. In fact, the community contraception clinics give intimate guidance to anybody who inquires about it. Moreover, professional authorities in sanctioned focal points/erotic health centers/teaching institutions educate and coach about the usage of condoms and other birth control methods. Teens should be empowered with appropriate facts about safety at the time of interaction with their partners.
  • Myth 4. Condoms downgrade normal greasing(lube).
  • Truth: No doubt a bit of extra lubrication is good but all branded condoms are available with silicone/other greasy material; hence there is no need to use any grease such as Vaseline, baby oil, hand cream etc.In fact, excessive lubrication (when used with the condom) can break it up causing miniature punctures in it. If you desire to use surplus lubrication, then use only the one with water-base.
  • Myth 5.Condoms cause a guy to become not as much of receptive.
  • Truth: A number of condoms have been designed in such a manner that they can cause a male to be additionally reactive and also provides him a very weightless ambiance in addition to boosting his sexual accomplishment and enjoyment.
  • Myth 6.Condoms are not meant for oral sex.
  • Truth: It is advisable to use a condom during oral sex to avoid the conduction of sexually transmitted ailments.
  • Myth 7. It is safe and sound to use two condoms.
  • Truth: Utilizing two condoms at a time can raise the likelihood of their getting tattered during sexual interaction, due to the rubbing between both.
  • Myth 8. Condoms are the lone type of contraception one needs to think about.
  • Truth: That is not true. In order to guarantee the unsurpassed safeguard, it is suggested that you as well as your mate should avail yourself of an additional form of contraception too e.g. the pill, the coil, an implant, an injection etc.

If you have any queries regarding the condoms, you are welcome to ask a doctor online.

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