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Psychology Internship In Los Angeles

Have you decided on a career in psychology? Are you confused on how to utilize your degree? Going through an internship is very important because it can aid your decision on the type of career you intend to pursue and the kind of environment you would likely enjoy working with.

It is important to note that some degrees have some internship requirement which must be met before you can graduate and work as a psychologist in Los Angeles.

You can pursue a lot of different professions relating to psychology from being a vocational counselor to working in the area of sports psychology. Going through an internship will surely help you to identify the career path which is best for you.

There are a lot of psychology internship opportunities in Los Angeles. These opportunities are posted by health care organization and centers on annual basis. Although it is important to apply for these internship opportunities in Los Angeles, it is necessary to identify which internship is best for your career when choosing searching for a place.

The best internship is the one that gets you familiar with your work environment, your responsibilities, your obligation,   the job details and work hours required in the field.

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One good area for psychology internship in Los Angeles is in a correctional facility. This gives students a chance to make a positive input in inmate’s lives. Due to the higher stipends offered to students as compared to other internship programs and the added advantage of interning under top Los Angeles forensic psychologist, more students are now looking for corrections internships and job opportunities in the growing specialty area of forensics.

One of such areas is the metropolitan detention center in Los Angeles. This centre allows students to work with a diverse range of adults, such as inmates from different social classes and cultures.

At the metropolitan Detention Centre in Los Angeles, the student on internship is presented with the opportunity of treating inmates for issues such as adjustment and anxiety disorders.

They also are involved in conducting psychological evaluations specifically for inmates who are awaiting trials.

This is however done under the supervision of a Los Angeles psychologist. Working in these sorts of centers is as valuable for internship as inmates have a very wide background, history and also a wide variety of mental issues. In addition, interns learn to negotiate working with other psychologists in Los Angeles whose perspectives in addressing inmate’s needs appear different.

Brief Psychotic Disorder

Brief Psychotic Disorder Behavior

Also known as brief reactive psychosis, the psychotic disorder describes a short term mental disorder. Usually it lasts less than one month. The onset of the psychotic symptoms is sudden and must not be caused by drugs, a physiological problem or a medical condition.

Also the symptoms should not be caused by schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or a delusional disorder. Symptoms are supposed to last at least one day and maximum one month. Then the patient will return to the normal functioning.

The disorder received more attention and was studied more in Scandinavia and other European countries. In United States this diagnosis was not that popular.

According to DSM 5, brief psychotic disorder belongs to the spectrum of schizophrenia.

Positive Psychotic Symptoms

The psychotic symptoms might include positive symptoms such as hallucinations, delusion, catatonic behavior, strange bodily movement, peculiar speech, primitive behavior, lack of movement, bizarre behavior or disorganized speech.

The medical meaning of the term positive is different from the normal everyday meaning. It means a person’s thought or behavior is changed or a normal behavior is experienced in an extreme form. Also it might involve a type of behavior that is not supposed to be present.


The affected person might experience sensorial perception of things that aren’t there. The person might hear voices, see things or feel sensations on the skin when nothing is actually there. Smelling smells that aren’t there is also pretty common for people with brief psychotic disorder.


A person with brief psychotic disorder tends to hold unrealistic and irrational beliefs which are very difficult to change even when eloquent evidence is presented to the affected person.

A person with brief psychotic delusion might think conspirators are out to get her or him.

Grandiose delusions and erotomaniac delusion are pretty common. Grandiose delusions involve exaggerated importance such as the belief of having an important function or being a famous person. Elaborated love fantasies might also be present and they might involve irrational jealousy and elaborate love fantasies.

Other Positive Psychotic Symptoms

Other psychotic symptom refers to many weird behaviors including the whole spectrum of catatonic behavior with both possible extremes. The motionless part of catatonia, known also as narcolepsy indicates a person that might freeze in a fixed position for hours. And the other extreme of catatonia refers to the persistent or rapid repeatedly movement or unusual movements.

Peculiar speech might include uttering sounds and words that make no sense or speaking a strange language. The affected people might also say the words in an incoherent order or mix words together.

Echolalia is another type of peculiar speech that might occur in people affected by brief psychotic disorder. Echolalia involves the repetition of someone else’s exact words and it might happen immediately after they were articulated or after a delay that might range from a few minutes to hours.

The bizarre behavior might involve child-like behavior, covering one’s own head with aluminum foil, singing, hoarding food or clothing with aluminum foil.

Other possible problems might also include confusion, memory problems, changes in weight or energy level, confusion, inability to make decisions, disorganized thinking and changes in sleeping or eating habits.

A person with brief psychotic disorder might exhibit one or more symptoms. The disorder is characterized by the sudden onset of the symptom, short duration and full recovery.

Colorful condoms

MYTH &TRUTH About Condoms

Weirdly, there has been an augmented attentiveness about condoms in the current era; in spite of this, numerous myths have risen too. So we are going to throw light on these myths and find out whether they are true or false?

  • Myth 1. Condoms definitely smash.
  • Truth: Well! It all depends on how they are coped with; just like everything else, if they are handled properly they don’t smash. Once the consumer ensures that there is no air fizz at the end of the condom and is careful enough not to expose it to any prickly item /ornaments /teeth etc, there is no chance of their breakage.
  • Myth 2. Usage of a condom will cause your mate to underestimate you.
  • Truth: Opposing to the presented conviction, usage of a condom will cause your mate to consider you as a dependable but hot, seductive person who has faith in family planning, taking up to date judgments and participates in trustworthy methods and hence is taking safety measures to put off any unasked for pregnancy.
  • Myth 3. You cannot purchase a condom unless you are eighteen years of age.
  • Truth: There is no age limit to purchase a condom. In fact, the community contraception clinics give intimate guidance to anybody who inquires about it. Moreover, professional authorities in sanctioned focal points/erotic health centers/teaching institutions educate and coach about the usage of condoms and other birth control methods. Teens should be empowered with appropriate facts about safety at the time of interaction with their partners.
  • Myth 4. Condoms downgrade normal greasing(lube).
  • Truth: No doubt a bit of extra lubrication is good but all branded condoms are available with silicone/other greasy material; hence there is no need to use any grease such as Vaseline, baby oil, hand cream etc.In fact, excessive lubrication (when used with the condom) can break it up causing miniature punctures in it. If you desire to use surplus lubrication, then use only the one with water-base.
  • Myth 5.Condoms cause a guy to become not as much of receptive.
  • Truth: A number of condoms have been designed in such a manner that they can cause a male to be additionally reactive and also provides him a very weightless ambiance in addition to boosting his sexual accomplishment and enjoyment.
  • Myth 6.Condoms are not meant for oral sex.
  • Truth: It is advisable to use a condom during oral sex to avoid the conduction of sexually transmitted ailments.
  • Myth 7. It is safe and sound to use two condoms.
  • Truth: Utilizing two condoms at a time can raise the likelihood of their getting tattered during sexual interaction, due to the rubbing between both.
  • Myth 8. Condoms are the lone type of contraception one needs to think about.
  • Truth: That is not true. In order to guarantee the unsurpassed safeguard, it is suggested that you as well as your mate should avail yourself of an additional form of contraception too e.g. the pill, the coil, an implant, an injection etc.

If you have any queries regarding the condoms, you are welcome to ask a doctor online.

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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Theamyotrophic lateral sclerosis is commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease; this is after Lou Gehrig who was a famous baseball player and struggled with the ALS disease which caused his death in 1941.

ALS is a neurological disorder that is not only progressive but it is also incurable. The spinal cord and brain nerve cells that control muscle movements deteriorate gradually. This results in muscles wasting away which results in paralysis and eventual death. This is usually in a span of approximately 2-5 years.

The ALS is quite rare with approximately 5,000 cases being diagnosed in the United States every year. Patients normally get affected by the disease after attaining 40 yrs; more men are affected than women.

Causes of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

The cause of the ALS disease is unknown though heredity causes about 5 – 10 % of all diagnosed cases. A fraction of the ALS cases that are hereditary is thought to be as a result of a gene that is defective; this gene makes it impossible for the body to produce normal levels of superoxide dismutase enzyme. This particular enzyme plays a role in neutralizing free radicals which damage body tissues.

Research that has been carried out speculates that the protective enzymes that are defective could be agents for the ALS disease that is non-inherited.

Environmental toxins, exposure to fertilizers, animal hides and heavy metals are also believed to be causes of ALS but it is not a proven fact. Other possible causes could be serious physical trauma, viral infection and overstimulation of the glutamate neurotransmitter.

Treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

The ALS disease is incurable hence the only treatment available slows down the rate of progression. The treatment also helps in preventing complications associated with the disease as well as ensuring that the patient is more independent and comfortable.

ALS disease involves intricate social, mental and physical issues which require medical attention from a neurologist who is better placed to help patients manage the condition in a better manner. The neurologist will advise the patient on the cause of treatment to go with, depending on the tests that are carried out. This can help in prolonging the patient’s life as ell as improving their quality of life.

 Tests carried out when diagnosing ALS disease include;

  • Balance
  • Muscle tone
  • Coordination
  • Muscle strength
  • Reflexes
  • Sense of sight and touch

 ALS has different treatment options including;

Medications; riluzole is a drug that is used to slow down the rate of progression of the ALS disease.

  • Physical therapy
  • Breathing care therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Social and Psychological support
  • Nutritional support


It is important to maintain a diary where you put down any symptoms that are associated with ALS disease. These symptoms could include difficulty in swallowing, muscle movements, speech, hand coordination and walking. This can help the neurologist in coming up with the diagnosis. Always write down the circumstances under which you experience the symptoms as well as the time. Although ALS disease has no cure, getting treatment helps in prolonging life and ensuring that the patients are more comfortable.